Tequity provides a variety of autonomous, loosely coupled modules built with modern, yet proven technologies designed for high scalability and reliability in both cloud and on-premise infrastructures.

Using boilerplate modules accelerates time-to-market while keeping low OPEX and lets your team focus on building competitive edge.

Additionally Tequity can provide custom development services for building new features, games, modules or even end-to-end solutions.

Game Development Kit (GDK)
Set of tools such as multi-threaded Simulation Engine, Smart Cheats and certification ready Random Number Generator (RNG) streamlining all stages of casino game development process from prototyping to certification.

Remote Game Server (RGS)
Wager management solution facilitating striking, recovering and settling bets for any casino game genre and mechanics.
The RGS is technology agnostic making it easy to use with new and existing content.

Simple to use frontend module wrapping up RGS communication together with market and operator specific requirements and providing elegant postMessage API towards a casino website.

API Adapter
Module used to connect one or many game providers with multiple remote wallets via standard or custom API. Simplicity, comprehensive documentation and Automated Verification Tool make the integration process smooth and fast.

Back Office
All necessary functionalities such as sophisticated reporting and game replays topped up with advanced accounts and permissions management. BackOffice is accessible via powerful GraphQL API and intuitive, mobile friendly Single Page Application (SPA) with an option to change branding and add custom pages.

Promotional Tools (coming soon)
Set of promotional tools such as Free Bets and highly configurable Jackpots able to connect to any provider, aggregator or operator.