We transform ideas into successful ventures prepared for upcoming growth.

  • Solid track record of establishing successful teams, products and companies
  • Understanding of business environment and market dynamics
  • Lean, result oriented approach to software development
  • Reuse existing tech stack to fast track MVP
  • Assemble team of rockstars who gradually get autonomy and in the end operate as independent entity
  • Potential financing from influential industry people
Venture BuilderIncubator, Accelerator, VCSoftware House
IdeaInternal or externalExternalExternal
Team sourcingYes, team is internalNoYes, team is external
Technology expertiseHighLowHigh
Industry expertiseHighHighLow
Commercial modelFlexibleEquity & rentRent
Capital investmentOptionalYesNo
Modus operandiBuild successful & scalable ventureBuy equity and sell after a few yearsCharge for as many hours as possible