We build successful ventures together with you

We want great ideas to come true and flourish!


We work with internal and external ideas. We asses the challenge and opportunity.


We scrutinise the situation to make sure we tackle it in optimal way.


We hire and obboard kick-ass team without bloating FTE budget.


We build team, processes,  technology and go-to-market strategy for successful MVP. 


We prepare for rapid scalability and actively look for new ways of fine-tuning operations. 


We stay around for as long as is required to provide required support.

Fast track to MVP

Using existing technology buys you a lot of time  and decreases the risk of failure on the early stages

Been there, done that…

We have solid track record of establishing successful teams, products and companies

We are not a Software House

We are incentivise to build succesfull venture, not to report as many hours as possible.

Lean Startup

We work in very lean and dynamic way without heavy tools and processes.

Result oriented

We focus on getting things done. Working software is the primary measure of progress

Build unique IP

What brings the most value to the company is gaining competitive advantage by building unique IP (Intellectual Property). By applying proven framework and underlaying technology you don’t waste time on reinventing the wheel and you can focus on what really matters for the business. 


Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question. We will get back to you ASAP.