Platform Developer

— Company —

Tequity develops a world’s leading platform used to create games and other products in online casino industry. On top of that it offers additional services around custom development, operations and consultancy. This is how we describe ourselves:

  • We are obsessed with automation and efficiency. That lets us be incredibly quick and agile.

  • Simplicity is our religion. Thanks to that the system is easy to maintain and extend.

  • We are remote friendly but we like to meet for pair-programming and brainstorming.

  • We gained a great reputation thanks to a sense of accountability and responsiveness.

  • We are professionals who don’t need bureaucracy, annoying processes and babysitting.

— Role —

The role involves working with variety of different technologies. You don’t need to be an expert in all as long as you are keen to learn. It can be incredible learning opportunity and it’s much more fun and challenging then specialising in one niche only. You should also have prior experience in iGaming industry.

  • You will participate in designing and developing our software solution as well as shaping overall SDLC process.

  • We believe software and infrastructure should work in synergy so you will be also involved in infrastructure and operations

  • We take accountability for our work so all team members are responsible for performing QA duties whether automated or manual

  • You will take part in integrating and onboarding our partners and supporting them afterwards

— Tech stack —

We try to be pragmatic and rely on modern yet proven tech stack. We stay on top of new technologies but don’t rewrite everything only because new, shiny JavaScript framework is out.

  • Vast majority of code is on the backend side which runs on Node.js with TypeScript and uses REST API (Express) and GraphQL for APIs.

  • FrontEnd code plays smaller role and is much simpler. It’s written with React and TypeScript. For UI components we use Ant Design and Grommet.

  • Our backend code is well covered with automated tests in Jest and completed with load tests in k6. On frontend we rely mostly on manual testing.

  • Database is Postgres and we use TypeORM to for management. We prefer to design simple schema and focus on optimising queries and indexes rather then push complex relations.

  • Infrastructure is fully automated with Terraform and works under GCP (Google Cloud Platform) utilising managed Kubernetes (GKE) and Postgres (Cloud SQL) In the future we will expand to other cloud(s) or on-prem.

  • We are proud the tech is extremely well optimised and scalable both in terms of performance, infrastructure cost and maintenance overhead.

  • GitHub is our code repository and package registry. GitHub Actions is used for CI with SonarQube to monitor code quality metrics.

  • We write technical documentation in Markdown and use Notion for project management and knowledge base.


    Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question. We will get back to you ASAP.